That First Kiss…

I woke up this morning thinking about that first kiss when you meet someone and feel that pull of attraction.  I laid there in the dark…eyes closed, thinking of past lovers….there was always that thrill…that anticipation.  A thousand things run through your mind in the lead up…because that first kiss holds so much information.  You will know with the first brush of the lips if you have that electric intensity…or is it more like coming home…warm and familiar?  There is always that fear that the attraction you feel toward someone won’t be reciprocated in the kiss.  That can happen…more often than you think.  While you may feel the initial draw to them….the kiss is flat…it doesn’t tickle the imagination and cause the body to want to explore further.  It  does not ignite the passion you were hoping for.  I think sometimes we want so much to feel that…it almost becomes forced…perhaps we try to hard?

But I was laying there listening to the rain…and smiling thinking of how awkward the first kiss can be as well.  You are standing before each other….wanting, hoping…and you start to move in…move to fast…hit the nose…move in for the kiss and oops….miss as your partner moves the wrong way…you both laugh nervously at such mishaps…then you settle a bit…gaze into each others eyes…feel the blood rushing through your veins…feel your heartbeat begin to accelerate.  Feel the tug as your lips finally meet…and when it hits the mark…god, it is delicious.  You want to stay there…drowning in it.  Exploring…tasting…discovering.  Amazing what such a simple act can arouse in us.  Just that simple act of joining the lips together and what it can ignite.  And the lead up…well, it can certainly inspire the imagination.

I rose from my bed, smiling…leaving my fantasy lover behind…time to start the day.  I look forward to finding my next lover…and experiencing all of the above and so much more.  So until then I have my dreams at night.


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