Silence…does it exist?

Is there really a space where we hear nothing?  Does nothing actually exist?  I was thinking that even with no sound to speak of, I would still hear my own breathe…hear my own heart beating.  I have been partaking in meditation as of late and I am trying some different variables that will help me to achieve that state of having a ‘quiet  mind’.  Sometimes it seems the mind is just racing…going a bit crazy with a thousand thoughts racing through it…things to do…things not to do…venturing off in any given direction without provocation.

Some of the thoughts and feelings and emotions are so random…and again I am as always so very curious about our existence and how we cope with the world that surrounds us on any given day and the variables and choices that are made.  I am fascinated by the power of the mind….how is it that there are those who can walk on hot coals…or break a brick with their hand and / or head?

There is a power and discipline in these actions that takes us beyond the physical realm.  There is a conscious focus that enables them to move what we view and perceive as solid matter.  Perhaps it is not solid at all.

I have been reading a book that says the participants in such events visualize and believe they have already completed the act…before they have done it.  I would think it takes quite some time to develop the type of discipline to allow the focus to be such.

That is my resolution for the New Year though…focus…

Really get to the meat and potatoes of an issue…really think about what I am doing and how I am doing it and why I am doing it…

Now if it sounds like I am going to be on the proverbial couch analyzing myself…on the contrary.  This is the year that I get off the couch and really apply the things I have been working toward.

As for silence…I don’t believe it really exists in the truest sense of the word…but it is a nice place to visit once in a while.


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