Temperate Rainforest….

It is a drizzly kind of day out there.   I woke this morning and just listened to the falling rain for a while.  These are the mornings when I was really trying to convince myself that it was in fact Saturday, not Friday and I could remain cocooned in my blankets.  But alas…it is in fact Friday…and I have to crawl from the comfort of my bed and start my work day.

I  sometimes wonder where we go when we sleep…the dreams I have had as of late have been pretty strange.  So I get to thinking about our consciousness when we slip into the realm of sleep…what happens to us?

Some say it is just another level of consciousness…and I do believe it is….but how do you develop that on a higher level?  I have been reading a lot of material regarding this over the years.  Fascinating stuff.  I have had lucid dreams….I have had what I call ‘real’ dreams…I have had bizarre dreams….I have had a multitude of bad dreams…I have had good dreams…I have had sexual dreams…I have had intensely dramatic dreams.  So what part of our consciousness speaks to these dreams, good, bad or otherwise…what is it they are telling us that we tend to deny in the waking world?  Or do we deny anything at all?  I often look very different in my dreams in relation to my appearance in the waking world.  Sometimes I am child like…sometimes I am stunningly beautiful….sometimes I am beaten and bruised….sometimes I am as I am in the waking world…

But these thoughts run through my head…my curiousity as always wanting to explore this a bit further.  The room is still moderately dark as the days are short right now.  I am thinking of how much fun it would be riding bareback on a horse with no clothes on and having the rain just come down on you in a tirade of little pellets whipping you as you run through a temperate rainforest.  I think it would feel very cleansing…very refreshing.  I often have these little fantasies of riding a beautiful horse through any number of places….a forest, a moonlit beach…a meadow….across a moon drenched plain with tumbleweeds racing beside us and the sound of a hawk guiding us.

So on this morning as I listen to the rain falling outside I am reminded that we are in a rainforest…that we are blessed with some of the best water in the world.  I hope everyone who reads this will enjoy the day ahead!


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