A wish….

As I was driving into the City this morning I was enjoying the multitude of Christmas lights on display.  I got to thinking what a great time of year it is….for many of us…and for many of us…not so much.  It can be a very isolated time of year for many…a very lonely time.  I got to thinking about this past year…how fast it has gone by…how I have changed.  The changes I have made have been subtle in their context but the effect has been quite profound and dramatic for me.  These little shifts  in perspective and perception.  Then I got to thinking about how to apply that to everyday life…how to share this…how to give back.

At times the problems in this world seem insurmountable.  And the question of ‘What can I…one person….possibly do?’ may arise.

This is where it starts though.  Think about it….and this is the challenge to everyone for the year ahead….if we each became more aware….more conscious of our impact…if we each decided to be a bit kinder….a bit gentler…a bit more tolerant…a bit more understanding…if we did not judge.  If we smiled a bit more….if we each did this on a daily basis…think about the energy we would be putting forth.  Think about the outcome.  It does start small…but it grows into this beautiful energy that I cannot begin to describe…because this is what has been happening to me this year.

We all share this space…I don’t know how or why we came to be here on the ladder of time as we are now but I do know that we are writing the story as we go.  Let’s try this.  Let’s not look to the past…let’s not live in the past…but learn from it and leave it where it belongs.  Let’s write a fabulous future…we all love a happy outcome….I won’t say ending because there is no such thing.  For every door that closes in our lives several more open up.  We all have choices to make…and I have made some extremely poor ones as I am sure many of us have.  In any case I have learned a thing or two.  And I am being a kinder, gentler…more loving….

So my wish is that we all try this…just a little bit…it won’t hurt, I promise.  And the rewards just might surprise and delight you…


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