Misty river….

Sunday morning I slipped from my bed and drew back the curtains to see that a high fog with a clear blue sky in the background was greeting me.  I got excited.  This meant that there would be a mist on the river….how many mornings have I left to make my way to the City to see this beautiful enigma of a misty river before me and thought ‘if only I had my camera and the time to go down and take some photos…’

Well, this morning I was afforded both the time and an absolutely spectacular vista to boot!   I got ready quickly…debated bringing the tripod…then thought, no….I would want to make my way down to the trestle bridge before the mist burnt off.  I slipped out into the crisp Autumn morning delighting in feel of the air on my cheeks.  Cursed a wee bit because I have rather sensitive eyes…so for the first 15 minutes I look like I was having a good cry and every orifice of my body seemed to be leaking in response to this delightfully cool climate.  Eventually though, the body climatized…

The river looks absolutely magical….other worldly in fact.  In the course of the next hour I shot about 162 pictures….I really got to play with the light….to capture that essence of a moment that very briefly transported me to another realm.  I have never seen a swan on the river…and I have never seen a swan that was beige with white markings…yet, from the mist this gorgeous creature glided toward me over a surface where you could not see when the water and the air met…they just seemed to blend together in timeless unity.  I was so attuned to my surroundings…so attuned to the boats shadowed in the distance…to the industrial cranes that now looked liked giants towering off in the mist.  The imagination is running wild.  I am thinking of how old this river is….of its secrets….of its purpose…of its life force…of its strength…of its beauty and majesty.  How fortunate I feel as I head back down the boardwalk to meet my daughter for breakfast on the river…that for a moment I shared and recorded some of the misty river’s majesty.


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