You know you need a new hair style when….

Anyone that knows me has come to accept that I am a bit pathetic in the hair department…I complain bitterly about the limp locks that have been genetically granted to me…yet, I am not one to spend a whole lot of time trying to actually do anything with it and am even worse with maintenance (hair cuts, etc.).  That said, I do know when it is time for said maintenance.  I must admit as of late I have been taking a few more chances with the styles I am opting for.  I am trying to find something that is both chic and funky…something that is sophisticated and naughty….well, to date that style does not exist for me…but I continue to explore the style that will ultimately define me….but then should I make it that easy for someone to figure me out?  Hell, at my age…yes, look at me and say there is that neurotic blond….quick…I don’t think she’s seen us…down the back alley.  No….I am kidding….my hair has at times been scary, at least to me….I have been a little neurotic at times in my life…and I admit that I still am….but it can be quite amusing I am told.  So for me seeking out yet another elusive hairstyle often has a rather dramatic twist to it.

Utimately I know  when I  need to get a cut….I am trying to do something…anything with it…and while the life in it seems to make a valiant attempt by day’s end it looks like road kill.

So I got up as usual….out the door by 5:00 AM…hit the gym and get my work out on.  I get ready for work and do my hair and I am thinking “Not to shabby today.”  It actually looks relative good and moderately sexy…..(yes, I am bit delusional at times).  So I leave to go and get my morning coffee. On this morning it is particularly windy…quite a bit so actually.  I walk over to Delaney’s and back to my car and in that short span I have gone from looking not too shabby to resembling Thing and the Bride of Frankenstein.  I have hair stuck to my lip gloss….I have tufts of hair sticking straight up at the back.  Small children would run in fright I tell you.

I get to the office and know I will have to get into the bathroom pretty quick to try and salvage some modicum of a professional appearance.  I think it would have been interesting to have taken a picture of me that morning and plugged me as being the modern professional woman.  My receptionist came in and laughed and pointed out that said hair was looking rather ‘odd’ in the back.  So I made it to the washroom and pulled it into a pony tail for the rest of the day…..I need a cut…I know this.

Onto I go….lets try to find something new….I find a little place Eastside Vanity Salon….and make an appointment.  I download a bunch of styles…that in my dreams would make me look fabulous, but alas, with hair such as this any stylist is limited to what they can do.  But I go in with a picture of Blondie’s (Debbie Harry) former hair style.  I go in with a bunch of images.  And I proceed to say…’Can you make me look like this?’  Sarah smiles and says ‘No’.  But we go with a bob….and I have bangs again….hmmmmm.

It has been about 3 weeks now…and I am starting to warm to the cut….I am starting to figure out a few different things that I can do and I don’t look half bad.  Some have told me I look younger….never a bad thing.

I don’t know if this is THE cut that will define my very being….and if I am questioning it…then it likely isn’t….but it is all an exploration is it not?

Being a woman is not an easy thing….and as we age we sometimes find the physical and emotional changes we endure rather daunting…even worse when you live in a society that tells you to look perfect and offers up many ‘unatural’ solutions to keep us looking ‘unaturally’ youthful.  All I ever wanted was great hair…even in my 20’s the hair thing was going on.  So this has been a lifelong dilemma for me.  I am starting to develop the dreaded chicken neck.  (Did you know they have facial aerobics?)  Yes, they do… while I am driving to the gym in the morning….I am doing those….I will not have surgery though…..I will keep my sense of humour about this process…because it will happen to all of us.  Aging is not a disease…it is simply a part of life…and yes, in my own rather odd way I am embracing it.

There are many other things in this world that deserve my attention….so I only ruminate on the aging thing once in a while….but like everyone before me and everyone after me…we all want to go through this process gracefully.  And I intend to go through it naturally as well…but I will take care of myself….eat well, exercise, love well….laugh….a lot…cry when necessary…enjoy the human experience with everyone that is along for the ride.  Focus on our commonalities rather than our differences and share this with everyone I come in contact with.

So should you see an aging beauty with hair resembling Thing from the Addams’s Family and a big smile on her face….just smile back and know that she know’s it’s time for a haircut….


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