I mentioned in my previous writing about magic and  said that I would provide my definition.  So here it is….I want magic back in this world….and magic is life.  Magic is what takes everything to a new dimension….magic is breath, light and darkness.   Magic is when you rise and are spell bound by a sunrise…or a sunset…or seeing the moon in all her luminescent glory cast silvery fingers of light along the water.  It is that crispness of a winter’s night or the sultry warmth of summer shower.  To me magic connects us on an emotional level to all which is around us.  It is that connection to every living thing that touches you….every sound, every vibration, every thought.  It the is the rough feeling of bark beneath your fingers on these giant sentinels that provide the air we breath to the rocks below us that provide balance.  Magic is being alive…feeling the blood course through your veins…feel the living source of your being in all its many facets.  It is everywhere…it is that intangible element that ties us all together.

These days we are ruled by artificial technologies, that while fascinating in their context…they are inanimate.  We are ruled by a moneyed hierarchy that dictates our needs and wants and they are crushing us.  They instill this inscencant need to have things in our lives…instilling this sense to abandon our life force and feed the machine.  We question what our purpose is and where we fit in or where we assume that we should fit in.  We are told how we should look, how we should feel…we are told if we have all the things that society has dictated to us then we will be happy.

No…we need to accept the magic back into our lives….it has always been there.  Embrace those moments when struck by all that encompasses you….when for no reason you throw yourself into newly fallen snow and create a snow angel or lay on a sandy beach and let the surf kiss your toes…or the simple act of sharing a smile.  Embrace the joy and simplicity in this….feel that connection to all that is.  To me, this is magic.


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